New to floating?  Learn how floating can help you.  If you're looking to buy someone the gift of floating, you can purchase gift cards at Float Nashville, or buy and deliver them instantly online.  


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Float More, Pay less

Reap the rewards of a regular float practice.  There are no punch cards, no points to keep track of.  Float at least once every 30 days and watch your discounts go up and the price going down.

Sign up for float rewards today, and float within 30 days to get 20% off!

Hero vip

If you are a first responder, fire, police, military or veteran, we invite you to receive $10 off your float experience.  Simply present your ID at check out to receive this discount.

student Pricing

Studies show floating can help with stress and memory.  Whether you're prepping for tests or simply beating the normal stress associated with school life, please enjoy $10 off a regular price float at any time!

First time Floater Specials

It takes at least three floats to know how floating affects you and what it does for you on a physical and mental level. 

At your first float with us here at Float Nashville we offer you a three float series for only $147!  That means your first three floats are only $49 each. 

We want you to get to know us, and experience each of our float tanks and a three series is the perfect way to accomplish that.  These series are for use by one floater and must be used within 6 months of your first float.