What people are saying about floating at Nashville Float & Massage

Completed my 3rd float last night, and I must say that my pain levels are remarkably diminished! WOW!!! Granted in the past week, I also had 2 wonderful massages with Amy Grimes and those 3 floats currently have my pain at such a minimal level, for me it’s pretty much completely gone especially compared to what I’m used to! I’ve been battling fibromyalgia for almost 6 years now, and this is the most pain free I have been. Hoping it continues until I can get back on Wednesday for my next float! Thanks so much for bringing this wonderful service to Tennessee! I will definitely be a faithful floater. Thank you both Amy Grimes and Mark Chesshir for all your hard work and help!
— Donna Edmonds
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Never have I felt so completely relaxed and content as I did after my float and massage. I was remarkably pain free and relaxed with no tension or knots in my body or muscles. I was really in a state of bliss and calm after my float that was further enhanced by the massage after.
— Penny Tyler
An awesome experience! Loved it and will be back for more! .... The most relaxed I have been in quite some time!
— Renee Rome of ReneeRomePhotography.com
This place is awesome. Very peaceful and ran by two great people. My first float was a great experience will definitely be back.
— Emma Hampton