find it hard to describe the floating experience to someone else?


Why not send them to experience floating for themselves?

We enjoy having you here at Float Nashville and we’d love more floaters just like you. We figure the person most likely to know more people like you is, well, you.

Be that person who introduces a friend to an amazing, unique experience that could impact their everyday life!

With the referral card you give them, they get a deal on their first float when they present it at check out.  

Once your referral card is redeemed, you get a point added to your account.  

Each point is worth $10 that you can put towards your next float, or save up 6 points for a free float! However you use them is up to you.

You can pick up referral cards at Float Nashville. Our cards are business card sized and perfect for fitting in your wallet or purse.   

Just make sure you put your name in the "referred by" box! This helps us make sure you get your points and our undying gratitude!