Relax into pregnancy with floatation therapy

Supported with 1000+ pounds of epsom salt in 10" of water, floating like a cork in a warm room, the float tank experience is often compared to the feeling of weightlessness in a Mother's womb.

A wonderful, nurturing, quiet environment, not found anywhere else, can be a moment of zen for Mama and baby to enjoy a time to bond and prepare for birth. 

In addition to relieving stress, reducing cortisol levels and swelling in hands and feet, this safe therapy can naturally help pregnant women ease through this period in their lives.  We can help you float through pregnancy!


Is it safe in all the trimesters?

Each pregnancy is different so we advise the client to talk to their health care practitioner before floating.  To many in healthcare, floating is a new therapy and may require additional information.  We are always available to answer questions. 

Is floating on the back safe for women in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy?

In third trimester we recommend lying belly down.  We find this is also most comfortable for moms at this point in their pregnancy as their center of gravity changes. Our open tank is deep and allows plenty of room for floating on their bellies.  If laying face up is more comfortable, then by all means, do it!  The water is a wonderful support that creates no pressure points.

For pregnant women specifically, what are some specific benefits they receive from floating?

Laying in this highly buoyant water takes away strain on spines and gives relief to sore backs and joints. Stress melts away.  Swelling is reduced.  Need sleep?  An hour of sleep in the tank is equal to four hours in a bed and just being out of gravity leaves people feeling deeply rested.   Floating has been proven to help other common conditions of pregnancy such as depression and anxiety by decreasing cortisol levels and encouraging the production of endorphins.

In addition to all the physical effects a special bonding can happen.  Pregnant woman have also reported that during their float, as they relax, baby also slows down erratic movement. This is due to the “mirror effect”. The baby is safe and secure inside the womb and the mother is sharing a similar experience in the warm float tank.  Both Mom and baby can share a break from the stimulus of every day life in this unique environment and use this zen moment for bonding.

Can you talk about the flotation devices available to use in the tank for expectant moms who prefer to float on their bellies instead of their backs? Do most of the pregnant clients you have prefer floating on their stomachs?

We have several types of neck pillows and pool noodles available for each woman to work with.  Some prefer placing a pool noodle under their chin to support their head while floating on their bellies, but often they discover placing their elbows on the floor of the tank and resting their chin in their hands is most comfortable.  

During a 90 minute float we find most of our floating Moms change positions several times to work with their bodies and experience relief.  We've had clients tell us it's the first time they've been able to roll onto their side without discomfort in their hips!

Being completely buoyant, without effort, is a freeing experience and our expectant Moms often tell us that being able to float belly down feels wonderful and they crave that experience.  It is probably the most comfortable position at any point during the pregnancy.

How soon after delivery can a mother float?

Recovery times can vary and your medical team can give you an answer that suits your specific situation.  

What are the benefits of floating for new mothers?

Floating can help alleviate symptoms of post natal anxiety and depression. An hour of sleep in the tank is equal to four hours of sleep in a bed, so new mother's can use the tanks to bridge the gaps in their sleep schedule.