Float away the pain and fatigue

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If you are tired or hurting it's hard to Live Authentically or to your full potential. 

We want to do more, forget less, perform better and have it all come effortlessly.  Unfortunately, our physiology and neurochemistry have other things in mind. 

We get tired and stressed out, distracted and irritable, uninspired and unproductive. 

We live with monkey mind and directed attention fatigue. 

We have all kinds of problems, physical and psychological, as a result of leading lives in a modern world we weren’t designed for.

We need a way to calm our overly stimulated systems.  We need time to process the day’s events.  We need to stabilize our adrenal system, and boost our immune systems.  We don’t need to stress out about small things and be more considered in our actions.

After a float you feel rested, less overwhelmed And The pain is diminished

What we love most about floating is that almost every one of these benefits lasts for several days beyond the float.  And the more you float – the better it gets.

The more often the float tank is used, the stronger the effects become, the longer they last and the more efficient the person gets at attaining the benefits every single time they float.

Save $10 off your first float when you sign up for our newsletter

Floating Is gentle and 100% Natural

Floating is not a new age fad.  It was developed by a medical doctor almost 60 years ago and has undergone rigorous medical studies that have been peer reviewed and published in medical journals.

Water therapy is a powerful and proven form of healing.
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Still not sure why you should float?  This page will give you some other ideas for ways floating can help you and people you love. 

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