Float.  Create.  Share.

You don't have to look far around here to see how floating has inspired new creations.  Our very own Float Whisperer, Mark Chesshir, can attest to the changes floating inspired in his music after 36 years of songwriting.

Research labs have demonstrated how floating can enhance creativity and help us see things in a different way.  The float tank is a tool to heal, but also to expand and inspire.  It is because of this we developed our artist program. 

You will be amazed at what your mind creates when it is free from distractions and the outside world.

Want to know more about float tanks and floatation therapy?  Click HERE.

Are you an artist?

Last year was our first Artist Program and we had such an amazing time we wanted to expand the event and make it bigger and better!

What:  We give each artist in the program two free 90 minute floats to explore the effects on their creative process.  After the second float the artist must begin creating their 8"x8" piece of original float inspired art.  The artist then has 30 days to complete their piece and give a brief, video interview.

When:  Starting March 10th, we are opening up the 2015 Float Art program. 

Where:  Right here at Float Nashville

Why:  Because when your creativity is set free, we all benefit from the beauty of your created work and the inspiring stories that come from your experience.

How:  Keep scrolling down for all the details!

All the important details.

1.  Apply  (Application interviews will be accepted on a rolling basis through April 24th, 2015.  This is a firm cut off date. )

If you are interested in applying for the program, use the email form to the right.  The application process is easy.  We'll work out a time for you to stop by Float Nashville.  At that time you'll bring us a portfolio or a few pieces of your art (if you have an online portfolio, we can pull that up online at that time).  We'll chat about floating, art and the Universe for a short time and then we're done! 

Acceptance letters will be sent out within 2 weeks of the interviews.

2.  Once accepted, you'll need to come in to sign the contract and schedule your floats.  Floats must be within 14 days of each other!

3.  Within 48 hours of your second float you will need to send a picture or bring by the original piece of float inspired artwork you've begun. 

4.  Within 30 days of your second float you will need to bring the final piece of art to the float center and arrange for a very quick 2-5 minute video where you can give an artist's statement or simply talk about your float and/or how it inspired your piece of art.


1.  Do I have to do a specific type of art medium?  As long as you create a piece of art in an 8" x  8" format, we are open to your art.  We've had photography, pastels, paint, pencil art and mixed media in the past.  Create your magic, whatever it is!

If you have another talent and think it would make a great addition to our artist program series, we want to know about it!  Email us and start a conversation.

2.  What if I am not new to floating?  This program is open to our regular floaters as well as new floaters.  Come one, come all!



Mark and I discuss some other Float Projects we would love to see happen around 4min 50sec.  What do you think?  Would you or anyone you know be interested?   What project would you like to see?  Let us know using the form below.

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This is the perfect space to let us know you're 1. Interested in participating in the Float Art Project or 2. You have an amazing idea for a Future Float Project!