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I already made the expensive mistakes so you don't have to

When opening a float tank center you can expect to have long days, pull all nighters doing tank maintenance and catching up on all the paperwork.  Wouldn't you like to avoid the mistakes that have you in a late night panic or losing a tank full of expensive salt water?  What if you could side step the problems that will close down a tank room which frustrate clients and lead to loss in revenue?

After going through a 16 month process with Public Health here in TN to get float tanks regulated and opening the first public float center here in Nashville, my business partner and I have gotten many calls and emails from many people asking us how to open a float tank center. 

Our skill sets along with a lot of hard work and research were what allowed us to successfully navigate this often confusing process.  My own background includes running a pool business that catered to both home and commercial pools and later on my 36 years in the music industry included building a few production studios.

Understanding water chemistry and equipment along with knowing how sound travels proved invaluable when it came to setting up our float rooms.  And now I want to offer that knowledge and those skills to you so you can have every advantage when starting up your own float center.

Want the convenience of a float tank in your home, but not the maintenance?

I enjoyed having a float tank in the convenience of my home way before we opened Float NashvilleI can help you choose the right float tank for your home and take you through the process or getting it ordered and delivered.  I can also get your float tank set up, show you how to maintain it and can even set up a regular schedule to care for it so you don't have to worry about a thing except floating!

You want to start a float center but have never floated and you don't know where to start

Float tanks are simple pieces of equipment.  Water and salt are deceptively simple ingredients.  But those who have floated understand the magic that happens inside the tank and it's not always as easy as it seems. 

Soundproofing your float room

Soundproofing is an essential and expensive part of the build out process.  Lessening the sound with materials that will stand up to the highly saturated salt water within regulations and limitations of codes creates a dilemma for even the most seasoned float center owner.

I faced many soundproofing issues when I created my first production studio but quickly learned what did and didn't work when building out Float Nashville float rooms. 

Having someone to call when things go wrong who actually understands float tanks is invaluable

What happens when you wake up and the water has turned brown?  Or the pump has seized up?  Or you walk in to a room full of salt water - on the floor?  How do you fill a tank with water and get all the salt dissolved without causing damage to the lining or hazards to the floaters?  What happens when the speakers go out? 

While a tank uses familiar pool equipment the heavily saturated salt water brings with it issues that a regular pool company doesn't understand or know how to deal with properly.  Any float tank owner will tell you that one of the hardest parts of owning a center is not having someone to help with a problem as soon as it happens.

Know where you can cut corners and where you shouldn't.

While float tanks seem to be exploding onto the scene, many people do not understand what they do and their purpose.  Once you get them into your float center and into your tanks, you get one chance to offer an excellent experience so they will want to return and learn more.  Consistent float experiences are crucial.

I can offer these services and more!

Soundproofing Your Tank Rooms

  • Help you understand what you need for your space
  • Communicating and explaining to your contractor how to create the best space possible
  • Assist you in choosing materials that will hold up as best as possible to your tanks' heavily saturated water

Maintenance for your Float Tanks

  • Setting up your tank for the first time
  • Troubleshooting equipment and water issues
  • Changing water
  • Regular preventative maintenance schedules

Call or email me and let's talk about how I can help you.  Consulting fees are based on each unique situation.