Introduction to Floating - Three floats for $147. 

By now you've heard how great Epsom Salt is for pain, injury and it's healthy for your hair and skin.   How many pounds do you throw in your epsom salt bath?  Two cups?  Two pounds?  More?

Imagine floating in water suspended with 1000 pounds of epsom salt!  No matter your size, you are buoyant.  The water supports you as your muscles completely relax in a whole new way. 

While floating your body no longer has to work to counteract the force of gravity which leaves you with energy to spend on healing anything that needs attention.

Your spine and joints decompress, swelling and inflammation are pulled out of your body. 

Feeling sleepy?  It's okay. Deep relaxation has that response.  It's not uncommon to sleep during floatation therapy. 

Whether you are floating for pain, deep stress relief, or to find a deep sense of peace and calm, know it takes a few floats to let go, relax, and realize the full potential of floating.  We want you to feel the changes in yourself as each float gets better and better! 

Your Floats

The first float you'll spend exploring the tank, becoming aware of all the places you hold tension and getting used to the buoyancy that supports your entire body with no pressure.  You'll love the post-float bliss and get comfortable with the float specialists who are there to guide you, listen to you and help you have the best float ever. 

The second float you'll already be floating like a pro, sliding into the water and slipping comfortably into deep tension-less rest. 

The third float is when you find your sweet spot and really begin to understand why people love this water therapy and wonder where it's been all your life!

To get this deal simply make your appointment. 

Floating changed our lives and we want you to see the difference floatation therapy can make in your life. 

To get your Introduction to Floating Series (3 floats for $147, only $49 for each float), call us at (615) 567-7222 or make it online 24/7.  You will be asked for a Visa, Mastercard or Discover to hold your appointment but it will not be charged.  In fact, you can choose to use another form of payment after your float if you like. 

Then after you've experienced your first float and you are ready to check out, you can request the Introduction to Floating Series and we will apply one of your three floats to that days service. 

The Perks

They are all yours!  The series is non transferable so you have the chance to dive deep and experience the mind and body benefits.  Make the commitment to yourself.

If there is no one in the tank after you, we always invite you to stay in as long as you like through the next session for no extra charge.  Like we always say - an empty tank is a sad tank!

The floats will expire 6 months after purchase.  To get the most out of the float we suggest spreading your three out, using them either once a week or once every other week.  This allows your body to adjust to a whole new environment quickly and will give you the chance to see exactly what floating can do for you. 


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Want to have a great first float?  Consider these 7 tips before your appointment.

We have three float tanks, also known as Sensory Deprivation Tanks, in Nashville, TN. There are two traditional closed tanks and one that is an open tank. All three will give you similar float experiences so book the tank that you are drawn to!