Frequently Asked Questions About Floating

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What do I wear in the tank?

Since it is a private experience, most people don’t wear any clothing. Swimsuits or material against the body can distract and take away from the sensory experience.  In this case, it’s kinda like getting into your bathtub at home.

What do I need to do before floating?

Come relaxed and ready to let go.  We provide everything else!  Your time in the tank will be much more beneficial if you arrive ready to relax.  Feel free to come early and enjoy some tea and enjoy the quiet!  There are a few other things to think about:

  • Try not to shave immediately before your float.  Salt water can sting and make your tank time unpleasant.
  • Remove your contacts prior to floating.  Bring your contact case, or wear glasses to make it easy.
  • Caffeine can make it difficult to relax into the experience.  We recommend no caffeine 4 hours or so until your float.

What do I need to bring to a float?

If you wear contacts, bring a case to take them out or simply wear glasses.  If you forget a case, let us know.  We keep contact cases at the front desk and contact solution in the bathroom.

Other than that, you don’t need to bring a thing!

We provide towels, a washcloth, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel so you can wash before and after your float.  Disposable silicone earplugs are also provided. 

Your float takes place in a private room so you do not need to bring a bathing suit as it is preferable to float in the nude. 

What if I’m a bigger guy/gal?  Will I be able to float?

If you’re shorter than 7 feet you are good to go!  No problem.  Float on!  The salt makes the water incredibly dense and you’ll float like a cork on top without effort.  You can read more about one woman's experience in our blog.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

You are in complete control of your environment.  You have the ability to open the door to the float pod at any time and leave a light on.  It may seem a bit strange at first, but, we find that if you give yourself a little time to relax and get used to it, you’ll feel very safe and comfortable.  We've had people with extreme claustrophobia and they have reported having no problems with their time in the tank. 

Can I drown in the tank?  What if I fall asleep?

The short answer is this – it’s not possible to drown in the tank.  The 10” of water in the tank is very very dense thanks to the 1000 lbs of Epsom salt.  It is extremely buoyant and will support your body.  Turning over in the tank is very difficult, but if you should manage it, the salt in the water would sting your eyes and wake you immediately. 

This said, we think everyone should nap in a tank now and then!  One hour of sleep in the tank is roughly equivalent to 4 hours of sleep in your bed.  We encourage sleeping in the tank and do it ourselves on a regular basis.

What if I can’t swim?

No problem.  No swimming skills required.  All you need to do is know how to lay back and relax.  If you are able to do that in your bed at night, you are good to go.

How are the tanks kept clean and disinfected?

There is 1000 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt dissolved in each of our tanks. The solution is so high in saline that no living microorganism can survive in there.   After each session, the entire body of water is pumped and filtered through a 3 part filtration and sterilization system which includes Ultra Violet light and food grade hydrogen peroxide.  UV is considered the safest most effective system available. It maintains the water’s soft, clean and crystal clear appearance. In addition everyone is required to take a shower before entering the tank in order to wash off body oil, make up, hair products, etc.

The water in the tanks is cleaner than any pool you’ve been in.  We are regulated by the Public Health Department and together we make sure your float is safe and comfortable.

How many times do I need to float to feel results?

The great thing is that the benefits happen with just one float.  But like any therapy, consistency yields even greater results.  Expect to go 2-3 times before you really notice the difference floating can make for you.  It takes a few times for your body to adjust to this unique environment.  This is the reason we offer an Introduction To Floating Series of 3 floats.  It’s the perfect way to find out if floatation therapy is right for you!

I don’t like “prune skin” 

We don't either!  The salt in the tanks is Epsom salt which means the water will not draw the salt from your skin and cause wrinkles like a long bath does.  Epsom salt is actually quite nourishing for the skin and most people leave noticing how silky smooth their skin has become!  Epsom salt is also non-toxic and the worst thing that will happen if you accidently swallow some is leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Are there people who shouldn’t float?

You will not be allowed to float if you have any of the following conditions or in any of the following situations:

  • Infectious skin or respiratory disorders
  • Open wounds
  • Incontinence
  • Epilepsy or serious mental conditions
  • A high-risk pregnancy
  • Have colored or permed your hair within 7 days
  • Under the influence of any drug or alcohol
  • Under 18 without parental presence


You are not required to wear earplugs, but Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone earplugs are provided.

If you have a history of ear issues including infections, and are concerned about getting water in your ears, you may want to bring earplugs you trust to protect your ears or use the pillow in the tank to keep your ears above the water.  The second option may cause you to hear a bit more ambient sound and we recommend you choose to float in one of the closed tanks for the best float!

Can I float if I have my period?

Yes.  Just use the appropriate sanitary products (tampons or menstrual cups).

Is floating dangerous for pregnant women?

The float tank is wonderful for pregnant women!  Floating is a great relief from the pull of gravity.  It helps dealing with back pain and discomfort. has this wise recommendation:

 Pregnant woman probably get more relief from floating than most people. The extra weight carried by the mother-to-be can be very stressful due to the forces of gravity.   Floating eliminates the negative effects of gravity which can cause joint pain, inflammation, and stress on the organs as well as the unborn baby.

Pregnant woman have also reported a reduction of erratic movements of the baby inside the womb.  This is due to a phenomenon called the “mirror effect”.  The baby is safe and secure inside the womb and the mother shares a similar experience in the warm isolation tank.  Woman report a stronger connection with their baby when exposed to this environment.

Is this just some new age fad?

Actually floating has been around for over 50 years and has a lot of well designed research by super smart people to back it up.  he first float pod was developed in 1954 by neuroscientist, Dr John C. Lily who needed to eliminate incoming sensory information to create a control group for his experiments.  He ended up discovering that sensory deprivation has a lot of benefits that have been studied and explored ever since!

Why should I float?

Everyday your senses are constantly bombarded with noise, traffic, telephones, people and technology.  All of this excess stimulation results in stress.

A float tank removes all these influences and allows you to experience total physical and mental relaxation, which has been found to have some pretty amazing effects!  The buoyancy created by 1000lbs of Epsom salt lets you float effortlessly on top of the water.  The water is skin temperature which helps erase feeling and leaving you wondering where your body ends and the water begins.  Without sensory input your mind is finally allowed to wander into the deepest state of relaxation.  Your brain no longer needs to spend up to 85% of its energy sending out signals so it slows down. 

This leaves you in a dream-like state.  Kind of like that space between awake and asleep.  In this state (theta state) you find mental clarity, increased creativity and problem solving, heightened visualization, deepened meditation and acuteness of all the senses.  Best of all, you get the blissful feeling that comes with the brain dumping endorphins into the body!

It may be the most relaxing thing you have ever done.

What is the advantage of the Intro To Floating Series?

You get 3 floats at $49 each which is a pretty big plus!  And the 60 day expiration allows you to experience just how a regular floating schedule can benefit you.  Then you are in the best place to make a choice how floatation therapy can be added into your life to make the biggest impact on your body and mind.

What are your policies?

We require a Visa or Mastercard, to hold your appointment: The card will not be charged unless you cancel without at least 12 hours notification or do not show for your appointment at all.

Cancellations/No Show: Session time is valuable.  we honor your time by being present and reserving that space specifically for you.  If you cancel with less than 12 hours notice and we are unable to fill the space you reserved you will be billed in full for that missed appointment.  This must be paid in full before booking your next appointment.  Thank you.

Late Arrival:  Arriving late for a float or service may require us to shorten the length of the service, with full charges applied, so as not to inconvenience other customers.

Refunds: There are no refunds for gift cards, gift certificates or Introduction to Floating series.  You cannot transfer floats from the Intro to floating series before or after expiration.  

Please make sure you are ready to commit to discovering what floating can do for you before purchasing a 60 day, three float Intro to Floating Series.  

Is this like altered states?

Yes, but you’re not submerged in water, you don’t eat ritualistic mushrooms, and only a small percentage of floaters turn into proto-human monkeys.