Meet Float Ambassador, Drew Scheuer. Drew is a Nashville native, professional drummer and long-time client of Float Nashville.

Drew came to floating approximately two years ago after hearing about it through interviews and podcasts with Joe Rogan.

”My first float, within fifteen minutes, my whole body just relaxed into the tank. I felt as if I was detached from everything. I could hear my heartbeat start to slow, my breathing start to slow…”

Drew not only found physical health benefits from floating, but also improvement with his generalized anxiety. Time in the tank allowed him to “focus in on what’s really important and not stress about the unknown and not stress about small anxieties.”

As a musician, Drew has also found his float practice allows him to think more clearly and the absence of input gives way to amazing creativity. He is able to think about his music in a different way and is open to new ideas.

Drew shares this message for first time floaters: “…you have access to an open tank. If you’re feeling anxious about being in a tight space, the open tank is for you. You have control. There is nothing above you, you can keep the lights on and enter into floating at your own pace.”

We’re thankful to have Drew as one of our ambassadors and appreciate the good news he’s sharing about floating in the community.