About Our Float-Crafted Cocktail Program


It all started on a balmy summer evening, as we were marveling at the beauty and complexity of a handcrafted cocktail after an afternoon float.

The drink itself was a piece of art!  We have done several float art projects in the past and received projects in every medium conceivable, except this one.  The cocktail.

We knew it was time to develop a program that spotlights another set of Nashville artists. We wanted to explore float crafted cocktails.

Why bartenders? 

Floating can boost your creativity and leave you feeling inspired.

Not only do you feel deeply rested and refreshed, your senses are heightened after a float. Coming from an isolated space colors are brighter, sense of smell is keener and some even say the taste of their food is enhanced. 

What better time is there to appreciate a good cocktail?

You will be amazed at what your mind creates when it is free from distractions and the outside world.

Want to know more about float tanks and floatation therapy?  Click HERE.

What is involved?

Our bartenders will float twice for free over the course of 3 weeks.

During that time they develop a cocktail they feel would be perfect after a float.  

All the final recipes will be compiled into a beautiful ebook featuring the drink and its creator.

What:  We give each bartender in the program two free 90 minute floats over the course of 3 weeks to explore the effects on their creative process. 

After the second float the artist must begin creating their float crafted cocktail.  The artist then has 30 days to complete their masterpiece and submit the recipe, a picture (this can be a simple picture from you phone), a headshot and a small small survey.

When:  This program runs through the end of September 2017.

Where:  Right here at Float Nashville

Why:  Because, cocktails.  Is there any better reason?

How:  Keep scrolling down for all the details!


1.  Once you commit to the program, you'll need to come in to sign the contract and schedule your floats. Two floats must be completed within 21 days of each other!

2.  Within 30 days of your second float you will need to send us the recipe for your float inspired cocktail, a headshot, the small survey and a picture of your drink.  

Too busy to take a picture of your drink?  Tell us when and where you'll be working and we will stop in, order the drink and take the picture for you!  

We're helpful like that.  :-)

If you're ready to get started download the contract and schedule your first appointment


1.  What if I am not new to floating?  This program is open to our regular floaters as well as new floaters.  Come one, come all!

2  Can I invite other bartenders to participate in the program?  Currently this program is invitation only, however, if you know someone who is passionate about their craft please let us know so we can extend an invitation!