Should you be a member?

From bodybuilders to musicians, lawyers to yogis, the Float Nashville members are a wonderful mix of people with one common passion - to maximize the benefits of floating and reach their peak performance every day.

More clarity, faster recovery, less pain.  More fun, more living.

Sounds good?  Then you'll fit right in.

How many times a month will you float?

For some of us, floating one a month is all we need to keep the deep feelings of peace while keeping the aches and pains at bay.  For those of us who push ourselves physically and mentally seven days a week, floating more frequently becomes necessary. 

You need a calm spot in the modern day life storm and we make it super easy to get relief.  Afterwards you take the best version of yourself back into the world. 

Ease into it.

If you are considering a membership, we encourage you float a few times first.  As a first time floater, you are offered an introduction series.  These first three floats are there to help you to get used to the unique tank environment and begin to explore what floating can do for you.

Starting your float practice with several floats close together is an opportunity to discover the best time to float, what makes a good float for you and how floating fits into your life.   Find your sweet spot!

Once you know how you're going to incorporate floating into your life, it's the perfect time to jump into a membership and enjoy the benefits!

Sharing is caring!

Want to make frequent floating affordable?  All our memberships are shareable with another person. This flexibility allows you to share float love with your friends and loved ones.

For only $59 a month, you get one float.  Once you use that up, additional floats during the month are only $49.  If you don't get around to using your float benefit one month, no problem.  It will be waiting for you next month.  Floats continue to roll over with no expiration while you are a member!

We hope you never leave

But if you do, we require a simple 30 day notice via email.  That's it!  Just keep in mind that one more billing cycle may fall into that 30 days. 

Does it sound good?  When you're ready, come in, float and during check out it will only take you a few minutes to get all these benefits and start your journey in the float tanks.