2013 By The Numbers

New Year Blog Pic.jpg

 In the past week we have been looking over the last few short months our doors have been open.  We re-read over the comments, emails and suggestions you have all made, planned a few surprises for next year and spent a few moments in awe over what has finally come to be. 

Thank you all for being such a special and amazing part of this year as we worked at getting our "swimming pools" approved and opened our doors for the first time.  The support, encouragement, friendship from you, our float community, is beyond compare.

As we go into 2014, always remember that a wise man once said there is no magic in the float tank, the magic is you!

We thought we'd end this year by sharing a few numbers with you.



The number of lifeguards working at Float Nashville.


The number of trips to Portland, OR to hang with dear friends and learn their secrets to giving you a great float experience

(Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we all got together and took a trip to Portland to check out several amazing float tank centers, take some meditation classes, enjoy yoga with Sandra of The Float Shoppe, hike in the great outdoors and eat Voodoo Donuts and try as many local micro brews as possible?!?)


The number of bags of Hot Cinnamon tea sachets we've gone through in 4 months. (that’s 300 cups of tea!)


The hours of our longest float so far.  Who's going to beat this in 2014?


The episodes of Hemlock Grove Mark obsessively watched on Netflix to help him stay awake while people were in their late night floats.


The number of floats since October by our most frequent floater!  Donna, you win this year, but Mark and I are catching up next year!


Beautiful people at our open house!  It was a very full house and we loved every minute of it.


The number of K-cups of Tully’s French Roast coffee that Mark has made and enjoyed (he still has more in his secret stash, but you didn’t hear it from me!)


The number of floats since our official opening.


The number of showers taken.


The pounds of epsom salt we used to fill our tanks this year.

4,500.  No, wait.  It's5,329.  Or maybe it was closer to6,231.

(Nevermind.  We lost count of how many swear words Amy dropped while attempting to learn Quickbooks).


The number of minutes spent by all of us in the tanks since October.  Some of them were blissful, some were hard in the silence but all of them were sacred and brought us one step closer to whatever each of us need.