Our First Annual Floatation Celebration!

If you didn't make it out to the First Annual Floatation Celebration, you missed a lot of fun!  Need proof?  Check out the gallery below!

But we don't want you to be sad over missing out, so we're going to give you what you need to re-create a float celebration of your own!

1.  Start out with a float inspired ice cream float!  Our favorite recipes of the evening all started out with a few scoops of Jeni's Ice Cream.  Then we got creative!

Root Beer Spice Float

Root Beer + 1.5 oz Bailey's + dallop of whipped cream + cinnamon generously sprinkled on top

Adult Orange Creamsicle

Orange Crush + 1.5 oz Vanilla Vodka + dollop of whipped cream

Apple Pie

6 oz Ginger Ale + 6 oz Apple Cider + dollop of whipped cream + sprinkle of cinnamon

2.  After you have your float ready to enjoy, it's time for the entertainment! 

Float Nation - a documentary about floating and float tanks - is now available for you to watch via youtube.com!

Be on the lookout for local floaters (Renee Rome, Sid Allen and Mick Ryan) throughout the film and in the extras!

3.  Add a little excitement to your own celebration and invite some friends to join in and learn a little more about floating.  (Take pics of the celebration and share them with us! )

4.  Book a float to celebrate your new found appreciation for floating and how it can change lives.