Float for more powerful athletic performance

Are you looking for a tool to help take you to the next level?  Or looking to buy a unique gift that can have a big impact on the active person in your life?  

In the past month, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Men's Journal have all touted the tank as a way to enhance athletic performance.  

Stephen Curry and several Warrior players have begun floating regularly and they haven't lost a game yet this season.  The Patriots have one in their locker room.   Could this be more than coincidence as more high level athletes begin to take the plunge into floatation therapy?

The success of Curry has brought attention to the results floatation therapy can give to not only pro athletes but, weekend warriors and even those taking their first steps into an active lifestyle.

It's not magic or mumbo jumbo. The physiological effects of floatation therapy have been studied and recorded in various research studies over the past 50 years.  

Faster Recovery

In a recent study on recovery using flotation therapy results showed  flotation R.E.S.T. appears to have a significant impact on blood lactate and perceived pain compared to a one hour passive recovery session.  

Floating after workout or after events can make a difference in recovery and ease of movement.  It allows you to push your body harder, gaining a competitive edge.  

Long before this study,  even Olympic Athletes were incorporating floating into their training regimens.  They saw the benefits and it showed in their performance and the medals they took home.  

Rapid Healing

Laying horizontal on a bed of water, with nothing to impede the flow, increases the ease of circulation.   Your own body's healing blood oxygen and nutrients are easily delivered to the site of injury.  

The pressure of the water is the perfect weight to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is also necessary in the healing process as it carries away toxins and reduces swelling.  It has an extra added benefit in that the more lymph circulated, it increases your resistance to illness.  Which helps to keep a training schedule on track.

With very little stimulus to tax the nervous system, the body has more energy to devote to healing.  

Enhance Performance with visualization exercise inside the tank

In a study on Floatation REST (restricted environmental stimulus therapy) and imagery on the performance of collegiate basketball players,  the group using floatation therapy showed significantly better performance on both objective game performance and coaches blind ratings.

Sports psychologist for the Seattle Seahawks, Mike Gervais, regularly uses meditation and mindfulness to help players maximize their performance. “He [Gervais] starts guiding them: ‘Quiet your minds,’ ‘Focus your attention inwardly’ and ‘Visualize success’.  As the players began to feel the benefits of this practice, they reached out to their local float center and began to make floating a regular part of their routine.

Science has shown the power of visualizing tasks you want to perform better, and how it affects the outcome.  Athletes, musicians and high level performers have been using this simple exercise forever.  Doing this practice during floating can improve motor skills and help deepen the mind and body connection.  


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