Spring Clean Your Mind

By Jessyka Simmons

The first day of spring is rapidly approaching! It’s time to open the windows, clean the house and perhaps, most importantly, refresh your mind and your life.

Hello spring

While throwing out objects that no longer serve us is a useful practice, we often neglect ourselves in this regard. It’s time to get rid of thoughts, habits and clutter that prevent us from living our lives to the fullest.

Once you’ve checked off your spring cleaning to do list, treat yourself to a float. Here are some suggestions for things to reflect on during your tank time:

1.       Ditch a bad habit.

Ask yourself: What is one habit I can eliminate and how will this affect my life? Perhaps revisit some New Years Resolution’s that got swept up in the chaos of a new year. Whatever it is, take some time to reflect on it and clean out a habit that’s been holding you back.

2.       Expel a fear.

It can be difficult to pull the things you fear out of the recesses of your mind, but float tanks can make this process easier. With your body in a supremely relaxed state, you might find that those things that normally increase your heart rate and tense your muscles have much less power over you. Ask yourself: what is one fear that is holding me back? What would you be able to do that you can’t do right now? Bring your attention to the present and create awareness around your fear. Commit to facing it and get an action plan together to face it and overcome it.

3.       Ditch a belief that is holding you back.

Do you find yourself thinking, “I can’t” on a regular basis? I can’t take a break, I can’t change careers, I can’t go on an adventure in a different place, I can’t do this or that. Start really digging into these beliefs and examine how they stop you from achieving the things you really want. Ask yourself: What or who is this belief serving? Why are you holding onto this belief?

4.       Forgive your faults.

Over time it’s easy to accumulate negative self-evaluations like “I’m never good enough,” or “I’m always putting my foot in my mouth!” Dwelling on past mistakes clutters the present and leads to constant self criticism. Work to eliminate these thought loops. How much freer will you feel once you acknowledge that you will make mistakes and have weaknesses as a human, but that these are merely opportunities to grow and learn while maintaining a sense of self acceptance?

5.       Tell your truth.

Being emotionally honest can deepen our connections and allow our loved ones to support and encourage us. Not sharing your truth can lead to emotional build ups and when the pressure becomes too much, we erupt causing further damage. Emotional eruption can cause far more damage than speaking your truth all along the way, so let it out! Ask yourself: When someone asks me how I’m doing, do I say “I’m fine” even I’m not?

Whew! Now that the hard work is over, get out and enjoy the bounties of spring.