Have you thought about having a float tank in your home?


During our build out I (Mark) discovered our building crew had built the walls between the showers and were closing them in without proper insulation.  Now, anyone building a home or an office or a gym or any place with showers wouldn’t have thought twice about it.  I stopped the process and had to have them tear down the wall and install the insulation as we had it written in the plans.  They were not happy.

To our builder, this seemed like overkill.  But in a float room, without that insulation correctly installed between the walls problems would arise.  In a float room, that mistake could have cost us thousands of dollars down the road including problems with leakage and sound issues that would alter the float experience.   

We receive phone calls, emails and questions from clients almost daily on how to have a float tank in the home or how to start their own business.  For those wanting to start a center of their own, I always suggest they start with a tank at home first.  Having a float tank is so much more than just a room with a tank in it and this is the easiest way to get a taste for it before deciding to take that next step.

It is a very labor intensive, expensive ordeal.  Problems come up almost daily that no pool person can help you with.  Your contractor won’t understand the corrosive properties of that much salt and suggest poor ways to save on costs. You’re on your own most of the time so you’d better know your equipment better than anyone else because it is guaranteed to break down/blow up/go crazy 5 minutes before your first customer walks in the door (I speak from experience).

And all this “fun” happens only after you have gone through the pricey, long process of getting approved by the Department of Health.  In a conversation with the State of TN Department of Health, I had it confirmed that tanks across the state will be regulated as Swimming Pools.  Compliance is not an easy process to navigate alone.

We’ve been there and already made the mistakes so you don’t have to!  We maintained one in our home for a while before we made the move into our current space.  From choosing the right tanks, basic maintenance to creating the perfect space for your tank in your home or in your dream float center, I have you covered. 

I have turned my passion of floating and helping others into Float Tank Services, a consulting and tank maintenance service to help you focus on the art of floating while I help take care of the rest.

Float tanks have changed our lives and we love hearing the results of so many who have come to float. 

Thanks to all of you who have been coming to float! It has been wonderful to see our tanks being used daily and hearing and seeing the results of so many who have come. The best part is meeting new friends. We have met the most amazing people and are so thankful for you!