Float Stories #1

In a previous blog I shared how we wanted to bring you into those often magical moments that happen in the lobby before and after floats and paint a clearer picture of the Nashville float community.

We were so excited by the concept that we forged ahead - even though we don't have a real good idea of what we're doing.  But sometimes in life you just have to jump right in, trust the process and learn as you go.

Our goal in this series is to offer up bite sized pieces of consisting of your float stories.  You'll find mini-interviews, pieces of conversation and readings from the community float journal mixed up and served with love. 

This week's questions:

What would you like to see in this (currently) bi-weekly program?  How would you do it differently?

Do you practice mindfulness?  If so, got any tips that make a regular practice any easier?

This week's resources

Who's already involved in Nanowrimo this year?  One week down and three to go!  Let's see your word counts in the comments below!

Nanowrimo - National Novel Writing Month.  One month, 50,000 words. 

Nano Nashville - Local Nanowrimo chapter.  Write-ins galore!  Find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Community Float Journal