Fibromyalgia, Floating & Research

If you live with pain or want to push yourself further than you ever have, our float center was created with you in mind.  From the moment this place was conceived we desired to bring you meaningful, effective treatments that would help you change your life. 

I have worked with people for years who live with pain.  In particular, FIbromyalgia.  As a massage therapist, I often felt helpless as massage often gave very little or temporary relief.  But float tanks seem to offer hope for bigger results and longer relief. 

When Dr. Rod Borrie talked about his Fibromyalgia Float Project at the 2012 Float Conference, I knew this was one of the first programs we would implement. 

While the Fibromyalgia Flotation Project has closed, we continue to see those who deal with the daily pain find relief in floating.  The results of this study should be available in early 2017. 

Below you will find Rod Borrie's presentation at the Float Conference in 2012.  The one that inspired us to be a part of his new research project.  He makes the stunning results from the first study easy to understand.  Follow along while viewing the presentation slide show HERE.

A presentation on float tanks at the 2012 international Portland Float Tank Conference. Rod Borrie