FAQ - The anatomy of a pre and post float shower

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Floating involves a lot of showering.  We often get questions like “When do I shower?” and “Why do I have to shower if I just took one before I left my house?”   

So here’s the breakdown.  We answer the when, why and even how to shower for your float.

Before you shower please make sure the tank door is closed.  This helps us keep soap and shower water out of the tank.

First, scrub, scrub, scrub!  Even if you just took a shower before you came to float, sebum from our oil glands and sweat are already doing their job and covering our skin.  Your feet have already begun to sweat.

That dust in the air you've walked through?  Most of it is skin cells. The residue from the moisturizer, cologne, perfume, makeup and hair products are also leaving behind remnants on your skin.  Using the washcloth to wash from the face down to the bottom of your feet prevent you from carrying that into the water.

Give yourself a good scalp massage!  Natural oils, sweat and hair products get trapped near the scalp.  And let’s face it – a scalp massage with the rosemary mint aromatherapy in the shampoo just puts you in the mood for a little relaxation. 

TIP:  As you step out of the shower, wipe your face off with a dry towel before you get in to help avoid salt in the eyes.

Then slowly climb into the tank and float into another world until the music plays.

When the music plays and lets you know your time is up, slowly climb out of the float tank and please close the tank door behind you before turning on the shower.

Post float showers are all about getting the salt off.  If you don’t, your neighborhood deer (or furry pet) will think you’re a handy dandy salt lick.

It’s not unusual to have to take some extra time to wash the salt out of thicker hair.  In fact, sometimes you may be so blissed out you get home only to realize you still have some salt clinging to your hair!  A 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water will get that right out.  You may want to put a drop of it in your ears while you’re at it.  It helps dissipate any salt build you may have in your ears.

Opening the door of your tank room and stepping back in to the real world is the hardest part of the float.  Delay it a little longer with some coffee, tea or water in the lobby.  Share your creativity or your float experience in any of the blank sketch books or journals lying around.  We love the company!