Local artists to be on display


It's so exciting to see walls going up and changes in the space. We aren't getting much sleep, but it is all worth it!  The outpouring of encouragement and kindness from future floaters and friends near and far has been mind blowing.  

Mark and I are eternally grateful and so glad to be a part of this community.  While we may be a little subdued over the next few days as we push through opening, know that in our hearts we are so happy!  I promise, give us a day or two to sleep and we will be back to our perky selves!


Our community is very important to us.  And given how float tanks have the ability to create clarity and enhance creativity, we knew from the start it would be natural to support local artists.  So when it came to decorating, we decided to keep it local.

When you visit our open house on Friday, you will see the amazing work of Chad Wilkerson. His work couldn't be more perfect for a float center.  Peaceful, dreamy and powerful.

As an extra bonus, we will also be getting some art hung later today by his equally talented Father, Wayne Wilkerson. All the art on the walls in the lobby, hallway and restroom area is for sale.  And better yet,  100% of all sales go directly to the artist.

So if you love the art, buy it, enjoy it and know you are supporting local artists.

Check out Chad's website, check out his art!