Float + Brews for the summer

Mark is the only Father around the Float Nashville office. So when I approached him about getting ideas about what to do for a Father's Day sale I probably should have known, before I even asked, what his input would be.  

Float and Brews

What did Mark say when I inquired about his perfect Father's Day?

Floating + Good Beer.  Of course!

If you haven't seen Mark at Float Nashville, you can often find him at Craft Brewed.  It's his favorite post-float hangout.  

You can't deny that post float introspection with a tasty beverage is a great way to spend an afternoon/evening.

And it is with this that we are introducing this summer Float + Brews gift pack!

Sure, it does make a great Father's Day present, but hey, this could be the perfect just-because-you-are-awesome gift for any beer lover in your life (or draft kombucha or draft root beer - because Craft Brewed has them all)!

Or just buy it for yourself and after your float head on over to Craft Brewed for a cold one.  The gift card is good for their low gravity store and beer supplies.   

This deal is ONLY available for purchase at Float Nashville, so stop in to get it for yourself, a friend or a favorite Father in your life!

Got a favorite Craft Brewed Beer selection?  We want to hear.

(And by we, we mean Mark.) 

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