Float Stories #2

It's The "Put a Float Tank in your home" edition.

Welcome to episode 2!  We have been collecting so many wonderful interviews that it's hard to choose what to showcase each show.  This week we wanted to share Greg and Lynn's story. 

While they have been regular floaters here at Float Nashville since day 1 Mark recently spent several days at their home installing a float tank and ended his time there with this interview. 

Greg has his own podcast that is not float related (Debt Shepherd Radio), but he'll often slip in some float talk and can be found discussing float tanks and how they have affected his own life, in many podcasts and web shows.  He has some great insight into using the tank for the mental benefits and while Lynn uses it for pain management her experience in the float tank has been a beautiful mindful journey.

Following the interview is a reading from our community float journal.  This week's segment is a perfect reminder for this time of year and left me teary-eyed.  I am so grateful for all that each of you share.

This week's questions:

How would you use a float tank if you had one in your home?  How often would you float?  What experiments would you do?  What knowledge would you delve deep within, for?  Have you considered putting a float tank in your home?  What questions do have about the process?

This week's resources:

The Debt Shepherd

Richard Bonk

The Escape Pod - This is the tank Greg chose for his house.  This truly is our most favorite tank out on the market today and the customer service is top notch.  Feel free to ask us questions and we will answer you honestly whether you buy from us* or directly through Jeremy or any one you prefer.

Float Tank Services - if you want to put a float tank into your home (or your business), Mark is the guy you want to talk to.

*We receive a payment when we personally sell an escape pod.  That said, we begged Jeremy to let us sell them because we honestly love this tank, the service and the company that makes it.  That said, we don't care if you want to buy one and don't buy through us - JUST BUY ONE.  They rock. 


Community Float Journal: