a dedicated float center, passionate about floatation therapy.

Curious about floating but not sure where to start?  Our staff has a combined 30+ years of float experience.  We are driven to provide a consistent float experience and be friendly guides on your float journey.  Got questions?  Just ask.  We all float regularly and love to talk float.

Our Mission

  • Create a warm and friendly environment for everyone that comes through our doors, ready to experience floating.

  • Help you disconnect from the constant noise of modern life so you can reconnect with what matters to you.

  • Inspire you to live with intention and to be creators of a life that brings you deep joy and satisfaction.

Mark Chesshir

Manager, Songwriter, Producer, Float Enthusiast


Musician and sports enthusiast, he figured pain was just a part of life.  Then he met Amy and she talked him into joining her on a trip to Portland, OR to learn more about Float Tanks and try them out for himself. 

His first float left him blissed out and hooked.  Floating helped his pain and had an amazing side effect of making his creative work a bit easier.  He can't wait to introduce Nashville's creative community to this watery wonder.

In addition to running Float Nashville, Mark builds float tanks and helps others plan, create, and save money on new float tank centers.  You can find him at Chosun Float Tank Services.

Amy Grimes, LMT

Owner, Float Enthusiast, Massage Addict


Amy discovered the Float Tank while on a business trip 20 years ago.  Living with chronic pain she searched out a Massage Therapist, but found relief in a float tank.  Three days in a tank did more than years of medication and doctors.  

It inspired a passion for water therapies and she made it her mission to provide affordable, effective therapies for people living with aches and pain every day.

Amy also helps others create their dream of owning a float center or building a dream massage practice through consulting services.